Conversion Rate Optimization

If you aren’t sure what CRO is, check that out here.

I work with clients to increase the ROI of their marketing spend.

I offer a customized approach for each client I work with. The support I provide can include A/B testing on site, testing email and advertising, marketing strategy recommendations, revenue generation strategy and testing, data gathering and analysis, and recommendations to improve performance.

The end goal is to grow your business, from first impression through to customer retention using cutting edge methods rooted in psychology and statistics.

A tremendous help in both simplifying and clarifying our website messaging to boost conversions.

Gina Brady, Mi-Corporation

User Experience Design

User experience is the art and science of making applications a joy to use. It’s understanding how we think and process information, how we react to interfaces.

I can audit an existing product and make recommendations to improve the flow, help revamp a product in need of an update, or design a whole new application from scratch.

During design, we’ll use approaches that unbias user feedback, create what they need versus what they ask for, and find what sparks delight.


From creating a go-to-market strategy to an investor-focused website, every piece of your marketing campaign is optimized for your audience. Testing, audience research, and CRO best practices create the foundation while your unique brand voice breathes life into each element.

I can create an entire campaign or work with your team to ensure your efforts produce the best results.

For websites built on WordPress, I can create landing pages for you. For sites built on other platforms, I can create designs for you that are development-ready.

She has given a lot of thought to how to guide clients through the most effective ways to talk to their audiences about their products and services.

Shelley Bainter, ServiceTrade

Tracking & Analytics

I specialize in implementation and analytics using the Google Suite – Analytics, Tag Manager, Optimize, Sheets, and Data Studio.

From basic to complex, I’ve worked with cross-domain tracking, enhanced ecommerce, and single page applications.

I create custom reports that give you information stored in Analytics that isn’t accessible through the interface.

With GA and GTM, (nearly) anything is possible! If you want to track it, we can do it with these tools.

Working with Becky was terrific! She handled our enhanced ecommerce analytics implementation from concept to completion.

Ferol Vernon, WrittenWordMedia


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