Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO & Design


I worked with ProcessMaker to improve their visit-to-lead conversion rate. I ran a series of tests across the site that averaged a lift of 53% per test as of February 2022.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Trazact is the largest direct-to-consumer insurance sales company in North American. I worked with Tranzact on their sites and sites they ran on behalf of their clients. During my work with them, I consistently moved conversion rate up, resulting in millions of dollars of additional revenue. Their sites became the best in the industry and we saw many of our competitors basing their sites almost directly on our designs.

During my work with them I:

  • Doubled conversion rate on several sites with a best-practice redesign
  • Increased call rate without decreasing form fills
  • Consistently produced double digit lifts in conversion during testing
  • Rolled out innovations that had not been on marketing websites prior

146% increase in conversion rate

CRO & Design


I worked with LifeOmic to help them monetize their audience using an existing product. I experimented with their existing funnel, doubling their click through rate. Ultimately I determined that a pivot in application was required. I validated the concept by creating and running a profitable MVP solution. Once they built out the needed functionality I continued testing to send increasing amount of traffic to the product. Through testing, I raised click-through rate on their pop up promotion from 2.18% to 8.35%.

2.18% CTR
8.35% CTR
Marketing & Design


I started working with Clincierge to improve messaging, design, and use of branding while staying within their existing branding.

Starting with their website, I created a clean, modern design that featured their key market differentiation: their logistics coordinators. I used images of their coordinators and global study managers to convey the personalized, empathetic service that they offered.

I worked with them to set up a PPC campaign and to develop an SEO strategy. Within 10 months, they saw an over 20x return on their investment. Through the PPC campaign, they won a contract with a FTSE 100 company away from their top competitor. Their organic traffic showed a 33% increase.

We’re continuing to build out their marketing program. We’re moving further up the funnel to start building a longer term pipeline for nurturing leads.

Marketing & Design


Mi-Corporation asked me to help them bring in a steady stream of leads. I evaluated their marketing set up and recommended a refresh of their branding and website.

They had their website hosted on Hubspot and were using templates so they wanted a design that was very easy to implement without development resources. I used shades of their existing colors, a minimalist design, and a visually impactful font pair to create a style that was easy for them to use.

Once that was in place, I looked at leveraging their existing assets to generate leads short term. Since they had great sales people in place, I created a multi-channel sales and marketing campaign that included emails and social media ads. Mi-Corporation set up a cold call program that would match the email cadence.

They began producing leads and saw a 3x increase in email open rates and a 10x increase in engagement.

I worked with them on campaigns aggressively targeting key accounts that they wanted to win. The campaigns generated significant interest and opportunity, adding high value leads to the pipeline.

UX & Web Design

Web Design

Pepsi Bottling Ventures

I partnered with Brand Together LLC and Frustrated Developer to create a custom Shopify theme for PBV’s new ecommerce venture. The theme was optimized for direct-to-consumer beverage sales with CRO and UX best practices built in to every step.

The goal was to mimic a “real world” experience of shopping at a bodega in the web application. I used their existing branding to create a neumorphic design that was compliant with ADA best practices.

I selected a neumorphic style to give the impression of interacting with a real world interface, instead of a screen. The soft, molded plastic look primes the user’s motor skills and the visual feedback mimics tactile feedback you would experience using a physical interface.

I added components that kept you in the “aisle” (product list) rather than forcing you onto a product page to add items to your cart. I also created components that provided immediate visual feedback when you added an item to your cart that mimicked looking into your cart.

I added a gamification component that encouraged shoppers to add enough to their basket to unlock free shipping. The tracker component then shifts to a checkout button to draw attention, promote the free shipping offer, and prompt the visitor to check out.

This was designed mobile first to focus on usability for all device types, reflecting the growing trend for consumer shopping.

Marketing, Design, & Video Creation


Datalucent created a platform that linked consumers and brands so that consumers could directly license their data to brands they know and trust.

They asked me to first, help them get set up with a website that would appeal to investors.

Once they were ready to launch their own trial, they asked me to help. I set up Google Analytics tracking that they could use to tie data submissions back to an email campaign recipient using a unique ID. I also created messaging and video for them and ran their proof-of-concept campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

Copywriting & Web Design

Christian Finance

A former colleague reached out for help with a new venture. He wanted to connect Christians with Christian Financial advisors who could help them with financial planning and products. He also had a short timeline and needed a site that inspired trust in his visitors.

I choose a color palette and font set that were reminiscent of an old family bible. He worked with a financial advisor to create a headline and I provided the rest of the website copy.

I also added some elements to his mobile site that past testing showed were particularly effective in direct-response marketing.

Based on the website copy, I helped him create and refine scripts for the television ads he was using to drive calls and site visits.

Copywriting & Web Design

Saints Construction & Carpentry

A friend of mine with 13 years experience in construction wanted to transition from managing a construction team to managing his own carpentry and construction business that served both retail and residential. Retail is mostly word-of-mouth, but we saw a big gap for residential in his hometown of Youngsville.

I designed a site for him that showcased his skill, attention to detail, and pride in every piece of work. I choose a slate blue that paired well with his portfolio images and a very sturdy-looking font. Then I created a clean, minimal design that allowed his portfolio to speak for itself.

The copy addressed most residential customers’ fears: that the work will be shoddy or the contractor will be difficult to work with. Since Daryl is very personable, responsible, and takes pride in his work, I wanted to convey that in the copy.

Since he had rebuilt a deck for me, I was able to use myself as the testimonial while he got his Google My Business listing set up and started collecting reviews from past clients.

The hero image is a carousel of some of his best pieces and the image next to my testimonial is a before/after carousel of the deck.