The Marketing Psychology Playbook:

The Best Strategies Marketers Miss and Misuse

By Becky Davis

4.8 stars on Amazon

Marketing psychology offers a scientific way to connect deeply with you audience, capture their attention, and communicate a powerful message. But it’s all too often misunderstood, applied incorrectly, or missed entirely. This book fixes that. You’ll learn:

  • How commonly misused tactics actually work.
  • Little-known but powerful copywriting strategies developed from techniques used in clinical therapy for behavior change.
  • How to capture and control attention with easy-to-apply designs.
  • Why people are missing your best offers.

Each tactic included in this book was developed through psychological research and verified through real world testing. You’ll learn not only how to use them, but why they are so effective and how to adapt them to any marketing you create.

Amazon Price: $4.99

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