What The Heck Is CRO & Why Should I Care?

Hey I’m Becky Davis and welcome to my blog. I work with entrepreneurs like you with Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing, and applying behavioral science to businesses of every size. In this series of videos, I’ll be breaking down the hurdles most business face when looking at CRO — lack of traffic and lack of money — and making this applicable to any business.

Getting started, what do I mean by conversion rate optimization?

CRO is using tools and tactics grounded in concrete research and experiments to increase or optimize conversion rate. That includes research tactics classified as ‘qualitative’ as well as quantitative. So I’ll be looking at things like correctly conducting target customer interviews and well as a/b testing. Sometimes we forget that CRO reaches outside of just testing and analytics.

The key to increasing your conversion is understanding your ideal customer. Bottomline. If I don’t have a deep understanding of the person I’m trying to reach then I can test things all day long that aren’t going to make a bit of difference. I can apply every single cognitive bias and the target still isn’t going to buy because I don’t understand what they want and need and I don’t know how to effectively communicate with them.

At the heart of all of this is systematized empathy. You will be a better digital marketer and see more meaningful lift in your conversion if you can empathize with you target. And that’s not the same thing as having your heart in the right place. Just because you’re trying to help someone doesn’t mean you understand them or can predict their behavior.

So in this series I’m going to take another look at some of the things you may think you already know how to do and revisit them through the lens of conversion rate optimization. Click here to the next video post to get started, we’ll be talking about optimizing headlines.

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