Use This Cold Email Marketing & Boost Response


Hey I’m Becky Davis and welcome to my blog. This is part five of my series where I’m talking about Conversion Rate Optimization, Digital Marketing, and applying behavioral science to businesses of every size. I’ll be breaking down the hurdles most business face when looking at CRO — lack of traffic and lack of money — and making this applicable to any business.

For this video: cold emails.
You know the ones:

These suck. They really do. And there are two alternatives. One if you have time to really personalize each email and one if you don’t.

First, if it’s feasible, research then write something meaningful that shows you’re a real person. One hero of cold email even sent personalized videos of himself interacting with the prospect’s site. I used this approach when cold emailing businesses I wanted to work with.

Actually, I took those sucky cold emails, found the person in charge, and emailed them with a suggestion on how to do the next thing I’m about to tell you. Then I asked if they wanted to work with me on it.

And here it is. Are you ready for it?

Provide value first.


I proposed that the business create some high value content and reach out offering it to their prospects. If the prospect was interested, they could click through to the site to get the piece and be added to a nurture funnel.

This creates a connection with the prospect, gets them on your site, and gets them to like you. You’re providing value before asking for some of their time. Because really, how many people give up their time to someone they don’t like or even know?

Make sure the content is consumable in one go or else it may just linger unfinished. Then add a call to action at the end. Better yet, create a series with a call to action at the end of every piece. That way your prospect has a reason to come back and see your message multiple times, all in the context of the value you provide.

That’s it! That’s my secret to high converting cold emails. Provide value first.

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