Optimize Landing Pages With This Template


Wondering how to optimize landing pages? This template can help you optimize your landing pages so you can double or even triple your conversion rate. It’s based on tests and principals that I’ve used for different landing pages and different audiences that have consistently raised page performance. In this video, I’ll walk through the template and an example of an optimized page following it. You can get a copy of the template and more examples below.

Download your copy of the template and examples

The key principals in make this template work for you are clarity and storytelling. Make sure that your visitor always understands what your product or service is. Don’t jump straight into talking about it without clarifying what it is. I see this happen a lot. Since we’re so used to talking about what we do, we forget that we need to provide context and foundation for someone who is new to our business. Then, help them picture themselves using the product or service. Talk about life before and after. Give them the feeling that your business really ‘gets’ them. Don’t forget to end the page with your call to action!

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