Key Messaging For

Post-Pandemic B2B Marketing

This is post-pandemic B2B marketing messaging that I’m using in my current campaigns. It’s built off something that one of my clients actually listed as an obstacle to their sales and marketing: uncertainty. There is a lot of uncertainty in business right now. They don’t know what the next normal will look like and they are looking for someone to hold their hand and walk them safely to the other side.

For my campaigns, I looked at what thriving businesses had done during the pandemic. Some of the same investments they had made also gave them a competitive advantage for the “next normal.” McKinsey & Company found that US productivity had surged 15% during the pandemic. Businesses had been forced to invest in digitization just to stay afloat but, as the dust settled, they found that the investment had actually given them a competitive edge in the current and future economy.

During the pandemic, so many businesses had to digitize to stay connected with customers. It pushed the digitization timeline ahead by 7 year. That means that any business that has not invested yet is already behind. If the post-pandemic world isn’t best-case-scenario (which seems likely) then those businesses need to catch up.

B2B marketing messages that capture this uncertainty and work to relieve it are well positioned right now to connect with and sell to businesses still reeling from the pandemic.

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