Increasing Conversion With Video

This is just a real quick update on a very informal test I ran that’s going to be informing some of what I’m doing in the future.


I was helping promote a coaching series and we had released it at an introductory price since it wasn’t a finalized product. There were some bugs and some process things we needed students for in order to work out. So we offered it at a lower price to start. Then, once we got everything worked out and in a spot where it looked really good, we wanted to raise the price.


It has been selling at the introductory price at a rate of maybe one spot per day and, when we raise the price, that ended to one spot sold every 4 or 5 days, which was obviously less than ideal. So I took a video that she had created for something else. It was about a related topic, but it wasn’t specifically promoting the course it was just showcasing her subject expertise. I took that video and I edited it down so it was about five minutes. Then I put that at the top of the landing page so people could really get to know her, and see what she was about before committing to the course.


Then we sold 2 spots within 12 hours, so that was great! It was a small course, so that pretty much filled it up. Like I said, this wasn’t a very formal test, but it holds a lot of promise so, going forward, I’m going to be experimenting more with putting videos on a landing page as well as using video and pop-up ads on the website. Stay tuned and I’ll let you know how that goes!

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