Personalization with IMAGES??? A New Kind of Personalization

I’ve been using a new tool that I wanted to tell you about. It’s called Hyperise.

It’s really cool because it allows you to take an image and upload it to Hyperise. Then you can put dynamic text into the image. So it’s similar to if you’re writing an email with dynamic text and you say “Hey name,” but then when you send it, it actually says the recipient’s name. Like it says “Hey Becky,” or whatever.

So same thing with Hyperise, except it’s with an image. So you put an image up and then you drag-and-drop text over top of it. You can use placeholders in the text to insert dynamic text. Then you just take the URL that it gives you and you drop that in your email. Suddenly you’ve got a completely customized image that you can send your prospects.

How do you use this?
This is awesome for sending sales emails because suddenly you can send a whole bunch of very personalized emails at scale. So you can email somebody and, instead of just using the “Hey name,”–which everybody knows that’s automated–you can now say “Hey name, I want to talk to you about my service” or whatever.

Then you put a picture in there that shows something like:

  • their website
  • or collaboration between you two
  • or I’ve just put a calendar in there that said “September” in the calendar and “Meet with name about their company name” in a handwriting font.

These have been very effective, because it looks highly personalized but you can do it at scale. So it doesn’t actually have to take you forever to create those images.

Anyways, that’s called Hyperise. Check it out, it’s a really cool tool.

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