I'm Becky.

I run Spilled Tea Consulting.

My focus is on marketing and design using behavioral science and testing to help my clients grow and succeed.

I frequently am asked how long I’ve been doing this. It’s a pretty tough question. “This” is a hard thing for me to even define since the boundary between my work and my interests aren’t really clear. Nor is the boundary between my formal experience (like you’d write on a resume) and experience gained through simple fascination with a given topic.

I’ve been fascinated with behavior and decision making since I was quite young. While most kids were watching The Dukes of Hazzard, I read Crucial Conversations, Freaknomoics, and Predictably Irrational. Multiple times each.

Since then I have:
Studied cognitive psychology
Helped build a sales training program
Created a team to fulfill small business marketing needs
Taken courses in design
Experimented with my own online businesses
Taken courses in coaching for behavior change
Applied behavioral science to design to optimize UX
Built high performing scrum teams
Adapted behavioral science to marketing for CRO
Taught myself statistics and R Studio
Run UX and CRO in $1+ billion companies
Written multiple books
Spoken internationally

Every single one of those has taught me how design, copy, and communication affect and influence people. So I suppose I’ve been doing this ever since I noticed that there were similarities and differences in how people thought and behaved. I never actually set out thinking “I want to do CRO”, all the different threads of my life just led me here.

Now I work with business of all different types and sizes, helping them to apply behavioral science to every aspect of their product and marketing. I enjoy mentoring startups in my community, chatting with people about their businesses, and meeting interesting people. Reach out and let’s talk!

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