Higher Engagement,
Higher Conversion

Through marketing and design optimized
for your audience

Higher Engagement,
Higher Conversion

Through marketing and design optimized for your audience

Conversion rate optimization

User Experience



You're Competing for Consumer Attention

Companies are spending millions to create advertising people actually want to interact with.

Behavioral Research

Data Analysis

Ad Testing

Market Research

Design Testing


Spending on social media ads increased 32% in 2018.
It's expected to grow 73% in the next 5 years.

Spending on social media ads increased 32% in 2018, and it's expected to grow 73% in the next 5 years.

Engage and Convert with CRO and UX

Win customers with marketing and design that's optimized and targeted. Using the tools available to the big spenders.

Data Analysis

High and Low Traffic Testing

Behavioral Economics

Succeed When Your Product and Message Resonate

I've successfully applied cognitive psychology and data analysis for companies to:

Create intuitive new saas products

Take innovative new products to market

Increase sales

Attract investors to cutting edge technology

Don't just design. Convert. Let's talk about growing your business.

Don't just design. Convert.

Let’s talk about growing your business.

Recent projects


I’m working with Booksprout to completely redesign their application and website. This is a design and layout concept a user dashboard.

 I’ve done extensive research for both user sets, created wireframe prototypes, executed user testing, and refined.


DataLucent asked me for a fast turn around on an investor-targeted website for a revolutionary and complex product.

I captured the founders’ focus on consumer-empowerment, their modern approach, and their experience through copy and a clean, bold design. 


Tranzact is a direct-to-consumer company reaching millions of people every year.

I worked with them extensively to overhaul their websites, implement iterative testing and optimization, analyze their full customer experience, and create a retention-focused on boarding process.

Fathom AI

I’m currently working with Fathom AI on their go to market strategy and execution. 

This is our final version of their branding guide. They needed to strike a balance between two very different influences. They needed to be ‘sporty’, ‘driven’, and ‘focused’ while at the same time being ‘nurturing’ and ‘sage’. They also needed to keep the current logo, font, and a gold in their colors.


I worked extensively with Ipreo on three mobile applications. I lead user research, focusing on a different persona than their desktop application. I assisted with design, execution, analysis, and refinement.

Spilled Tea Consulting

Spilled Tea is an unexpectedly complex name. A “millenialism”, if you will, for “spill the truth”. It’s meant to remind me that everything should be rooted in data analysis, testing, and behavioral experiments. It’s still interesting and a bit out there, though, because design can never be boring or straightforward. I aimed to display the confidence, flexibility, and  quirkiness that I bring to all the projects I work on.

I choose bright, vibrant green, reminiscent of green tea but with a lot of flare. An energetic blue compliments it when I want something bright and dynamic. A soft white (on my business cards) pairs with the green when I want something calmer and more ‘serious’.

I used iconography and abstraction to bring out an artistic and clever vibe for my website. The fonts are Oxygen, clean but with a touch of modern whimsy, and Mukta, which is very clean and simple without being austere. All of the copy follows conversion best practices that I have personally researched and tested.

Let's talk conversion

Let's talk conversion:


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